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Jarrah Bed with Floating Tables

This solid Jarrah king size bed features a curved bedhead and bed end, complimented by the design of solid Jarrah side tables which appear to float, creating a sense of space around the bed. A chest of drawers crafted in solid Jarrah carries the curved design theme through, to complete the setting.

Let us design a bed for you that will suit your bedroom and your personality.

Jarrah 4 Poster Bed with Linen Chest and Side Tables

Russell has combined the deep auburn of solid Jarrah with lighter, intricately grained Marri to create a unique four poster bedroom suite. The frame is 100% Jarrah, and the bedhead is 100% Marri. The suite is completed by adding a Jarrah linen chest with Marri centrepiece, and Jarrah side tables with removable servery trays.

Jarrah Bed and Dado Wall Panels

This complete bedroom fitout began with a solid Jarrah bed with curved bedhead, but the style doesn’t stop there. Jarrah dado panels built into the walls enhance the rich natural feel, which is further advanced through the addition of a built in Jarrah wardrobe, Jarrah window frames and built in shelves. Choose some or all of these components, or add your own ideas to create your own private bedroom retreat.

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